Why to Pay More for Luxurious Cab Rides,When You Can Afford It Economically With Melbourne Silver Service Taxi

The smart people always take a good care of their traveling habits. They prefer to travel in luxurious vehicles, to enjoy every moment of travel. Well, if you are smart enough then you don’t have to buy a luxurious car to enhance your traveling. Instead, you can just book Luxurious cabs from the Melbourne Silver Service Taxi and can enjoy your ride.

We at Melbourne Silver Service Taxi, offer the best Taxi service Melbourne to enhance the traveling experiences of the people.Most of the time, the customers compromise their traveling, by hiring an ordinary local taxi, to ride economically. The rental rates of the luxurious private taxi Melbourne are pretty high, and for this reason, the customers prefer to ride in ordinary cabs.

Why us?

To reduce the stress of the customers, we have arranged a fleet of luxurious cabs at affordable prices, to motivate the customers to ride in the luxurious vehicles. The Melbourne Silver Service Taxi mainly offers rental rides in Lexus, Skoda, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Genesis, Audi, and Caprice. Our main objective is to ensure economical rides on the streets of Melbourne.

Our Promises

We ensure the cheapest luxurious cab rides to any location, even to airports, in and around Melbourne. We observed that the customers pay an extra amount when they travel to airports and railway stations. We don’t understand why other car rental companies charge this extra amount. We charge only as per the service reports.

Why You need to Choose us?

We don’t charge any extra amount when a customer books a Silver Service Taxi to Melbourne airport. Our rates are already fixed and are confirmed to the customer before the ride. The main Tariff is set in the Taximeter to maintain the overall transaction in a fair manner. Now don’t pay those extra bucks when you book a taxi to Melbourne airport, by riding with Melbourne Silver Service Taxi.

To enhance the comfort of the customers, we have arranged various things, in our cabs. We provide a bottle of water as complimentary to the customers. When the rides are long, the customers often feel a bit cozy inside the cabs.Thus we have arranged different entertaining magazines for the customers.

Dandenong Taxi Service

We have merged with Dandenong taxis to serve you in Dandenong region. A lot of clients and businesses are using our service everyday, We have a long and increasing list of regular clients.

Book a Taxi to Tullamarine Airport

If you care about catching a flight on time then always book with us. Our cabs are always on time. If there is an accident or traffic towards the Airport then we inform our clients and pickup time can be changed accordingly.

Apart from that we also provide mobile and tablets charger, so that the customers don’t miss a single call or text during the rides. Thus, book a luxurious cab just by calling on 0410 934 335 or by booking it online and enjoy the ride to any location in Melbourne.

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Fixed Price

Fixed Taxi Price is set in Taximeter as The Main Tariff.

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